May Beauty Bonus: A Treat for Your Skin

The month of May is upon us and that means a brand new Beauty Bonus is here! Say hello to Hydra-Oil for only $5 with your $60 purchase! Since this hero product might be new to a lot of you, we decided to go over what makes this skin treat so special and why so many of us are hooked.

All we ever hear about this product is “You won’t know until you try it” because once you do, you’ll be amazed at how you ever lived without it.


Let’s start with the basics: What does this oil do? Hydra-Oil is specially formulated to help diminish the appearance of scars and other skin discolorations such as spots and stretch marks. It also helps to even out your skin tone, nourish, and moisturize dehydrated skin. So let’s get to the science behind it. Hydra-Oil uses Trio-Tek Technology, a combination of ingredients that help your skin to increase absorption for soft, supple skin that won’t dry out, all while having a non-greasy feel.

"While recovering from Cancer and going through aggressive Chemo and Radiation, I decided to try Hydra-Oil following a neck dissection operation and was astonished how quickly the healing process took. Within weeks the scarring was reduced and helped to even out my skin and now after daily use for around 10-12 weeks you can barely notice the scar. I cannot recommend this product highly enough to anyone who has scars. Thank you Hydra-Oil, you are a life saver!" source:

Check out more before and afters here.

What’s in it?

Chamomile Oil- Essential Oil. Anti-Irritant. Soothes & calms the skin.
Lavender Oil- Essential Oil. Beneficial for treating scars and blemishes. Helps to fade stretch marks.
Rosemary Oil- Essential Oil. Helps in the toning of the skin. Helps to reduce dryness.
Calendula Oil- Essential Oil. Gentle and soothing. Anti-inflammatory. Exceptional for use on sensitive skin. Assists in repairing dryness and damage.
Sunflower Seed Oil- Can be used on all skin types. Easily absorbed. Rich in fatty acids that moisturize the skin.
Vitamin A- Antioxidant used to help fight signs of ageing. Improves health and quality of the skin.
Vitamin E- Antioxidant used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Helps to soften the appearance of scars.

Still not convinced? Feel free to head over to your local Chatters and test it out or shop it online here.