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Natural Faves to Boost Silky and Shiny Strands

Miracle Ingredient: Apple Cider Vinegar

Just last week I was almost ready to give up on my daughter’s hair. Nothing has seemed to work on it, it’s always greasy and knotty, even after she washes it. I’m sure a small part of the problem is the fact that her way of washing hair is not even close to my way. A while ago I had tried a product with apple cider vinegar as the base, it made my hair feel amazing. I never thought about using apple cider for my daughter’s hair.

AG Balance Shampoo & Boost Conditioner

I’ve been exploring the AG Hair Care line because it seems to be a favorite line with stylists. They have a Balance Natural Shampoo and Balance Natural Conditioner; this shampoo and conditioner both have natural ingredients with the apple cider vinegar as the base. Apple cider is known to be rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B and C to help bring out the shine! Another bonus about apple cider vinegar is that it contains alpha hydroxy acid, what is this you might ask? Well, the acid will help to exfoliate dry skin, which will help remove the unwanted dandruff or dry skin flakes. So, after tormenting my daughter with the idea of chopping all her hair off, I gave her some of this Balance Natural Shampoo and Balance Natural Conditioner to try out one last time before we make our way to the salon to chop chop.

Hello Shine

This product amazed me. My daughter has been suffering for so long with dull, greasy hair, and we finally found a way to combat it. The AG line is genius in finding the best in natures ingredients to create beautiful hair. Like I said not everything works with one specific type of hair, but when you find a product that works, it can be life-changing.

AG Cloud Lightweight Mousse

The AG line does not disappoint with their new mousse called AG Cloud. This product was launched May 1st, 2018, and it has been everything I have hoped for in a mousse. This product is very lightweight, so it allows you to have frizz-free hair with the kind of volume you are looking for in mousse.

Apply, Dry, & Go

AG has outdone themselves again with the aromatherapy of this product. It’s incredible that a product can hold all of these natural ingredients and still smell so good while giving a person the luster and shine that they are looking for in a hairstyling product. To use the Cloud, simply apply to wet hair, then blow dry, and you will having luscious looking hair. I know AG will surprise you the way they keep surprising me.

If you ever have any questions about products or what will work for your hair type, just ask your Chatters hair care expert, they know hair, and they will recommend a product that allows you to shine and be #stylehappy! You can shop these products in salons or online here.