Natural Haircare for the Modern Minimalist

Natural haircare for the modern minimalist, AG Hair has come up with an amazing new product line that is 98 percent plant based and naturally-derived! They have formulated a product that will make your hair healthy from the inside out.

The not-so-secret ingredient that makes these products so amazing is apple cider vinegar, which is known for its numerous healing properties. The acidity of apple cider vinegar naturally restores hair to a lower pH level, which seals the cuticle, locking in colour and leaving hair noticeably smoother.

The line includes five amazing products to create a minimalist hair routine:

“Balance” Apple Cider Vinegar Sulfate-Free Shampoo
“Boost” Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner
“Remedy” Apple Cider Vinegar Leave In Mist
“Rosehip Balm” Hair Dry Lotion
“Dry Lift” Texture and Volume Paste

Since all of the products are plant-based, they are also vegan-friendly, so that you don’t have
to compromise ethical values for great products! Even the fragrance is formulated with natural
essential oils that provide an amazing, fresh scent. The benefits of aromatherapy create a good
mood AND a good hair day!

You can find these products in store or also online here.