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Osaka Jagoda – Chatters Market Mall Calgary

Osaka Jagoda
Chatters Market Mall, Calgary AB

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I’m a stylist at Chatters Market Mall location in Calgary. I have worked professionally as a hair designer and stylist for over 15 years in that time I have branched out doing many photo shoots, hair shows and fashion shows.  I got start in Sri lanka around the year 2000, where I began hairstyling career working in a small salon. I later graduated from a hair institute with a license in hairstyling.  At one point I was asked to come to Winnipeg to run a family member’s salon there. She was sick and I came to help her out by taking care of her business. I did that for a while and after a time I had my own salon with 8 employees.

How did you hear about Chatters Salon?
I knew Robin Hill your Director of Operations for Eastern Canada. She invited me to come on board. I joined the Chatters Polo Park location in 2015 and in August 2016 I had to a chance to move to Calgary which is where I am living now.  During the whole time from coming to Canada to where I am living and working now in Calgary, I’ve had a lot of different experiences.

Tell us about a couple of your favorite products.
I especially like Redken Rough Clay #20 and the whole KMS California products line.

 What are some of your favorite hair trends?
I specialize in precision cutting and hair coloring with my artistic vision and impeccable attention to detail. Also I have a lot of fun doing barbering and hair fading.

What’s a fun fact about you?
I love to swim, go hiking and skateboarding. I will watch any episode of fashion, Law and Order on any channel at any hour of the day!

If you could style anyone’s hair who would you choose?
It would be Jennifer Lopez. I love her oval face shape, tanned complexion and dark eyes, so she’s easy to work with any style. I think that her styles always achieve a sexy yet simple look and feel.

When did you know you wanted to be a stylist?
I was in grade nine. I always watched celebrity hair stylist   programs and fashion shows on the television. It made me want to be in the fashion industry as a designer or a stylist. Later I was lucky enough to work with those celebrity stylists.

How is working at Chatters different from your other salon?
I really like the education system that chatters has. I always like to learn new things and its’ great to have the big name of Chatters behind me.

Why should someone come to you for salon services?
I Impress my clientele with a strong work ethic and an ability to participate with others to achieve a common vision.

What do you like to do on a day off?
I love working out. Also I like to go shopping, I care about how I look and my health. And I love sleeping.

What is your personal philosophy?
It’s something my parents actually taught me: “Try and try one day will fly”

Where do you get your hair inspiration from?
There’s so many ways… especially attending   international training, social media, the Redken website, and magazines too.

What is something you have learned from working at Chatters?
I have learned that working at Chatters involves so many ways to lean new techniques. I also learned it’s a good company to work for and building up your clientele and perfecting the customer consultation.

Did you enter the Dare to Hair competition this year? Tell us what that was like and did for you?
Yes, I entered and made it to final top 12.  Also I have entered many competitions and won multi awards. I love competing because I am a competitive person. I like to show my skills and I would love one day to be a celebrity stylist. Entering competitions helps me get my name out there. It’s a great way for people to get to know me.