Beauty Pros

Pamela Smith, Durham Centre Ajax

What is your role with Chatters?

I am both the service manager at the Ajax location in Ontario and an intermediate stylist.  I have been with the company for three years. I started out in Red Deer at the Green Apple in Parkland Mall where I completed my apprenticeship, before continuing my career in Ontario.

How did you become interested in the beauty industry?

I have a couple of cousins who are hairstylists as well, and they both got me into the hair industry. I always enjoyed doing hair when I was younger, but watching their creativity and passion for the industry encouraged me to go to school and pursue my own career in hair.

What is one of your favourite things about your job?

I would say the day to day interaction that I have with guests, in which I get to share in their life experiences and contribute to making them feel like a more beautiful version of themselves.

Do you have a bucket list for your career?

I would say one of the top things on my list as a stylist would be getting Redken certified.

Tell us about one of your favourite products.

The Unite Liquid Volume. I have many guests that have very fine hair, and this product works very well for them when used correctly. Educating my guests on how to use this and other products is very important to me as part of my service.

Do you have a favourite hair era?

I liked the 80’s because of the backcombed “bee-hive” hair. I find that I backcomb guest’s hair quite often to reach the volume that they would like, much like styles from the 80’s. Certain styles seem to make their way back, but with a new flair. If there was a style from the 80’s that I never want to see come back, it is the mullet.

What’s one of the best days you ever had at work?

That’s a hard one because every day is a good day being at work. Thinking back, I would say that during my last April with Green Apple in Red Deer we had Treat Yourself Tuesday and it got so hot in the city that it knocked out the power to multiple city blocks, including our salon. What started out as panic soon transitioned into a real bonding moment with both the staff and the guests we had in the salon that day.

If you could style any celebrity’s hair, who would it be?

Katy Perry. I love doing short, fun and edgy hair cuts. I feel she would be an interesting person to interact with and her quirky sense of humour meshes well with my own.

Do you have a good connection in the store with clients?

I love interacting and listening to my guests and making them feel important when they are in the salon. As a relatively shy person, I’m always sort of impressed with how well I connect with guests when they are in my chair. I think it is the one place that I feel most comfortable and because of that I am able to open up and interact with people much more than if I just happened to bump into them on the street.

Do you look forward to special days like A Beautiful Cause? If so why?

Yes, I always look forward to Chatters’ fundraiser events because you can feel the energy in the air when the staff believe in the cause and get behind the message. It translates really well with our guests and those days are generally some of the most upbeat in the salon.

What do you love to do on your days off?

I would say just hanging out with friends and family. Going outside when the weather is nice… basically just being able to relax and do nothing.

Do you have a mentor in your beauty career?

Many of the Redken artists are significant mentors within the Chatters community, but personally, I hold Celene Dupuis as my highly respected mentor. She has a large presence on social media and I love to follow her to see new styles and trends as they break on to the hair scene.

What is your personal philosophy?

This is not a question I get asked very often, but after some thought I realized that I truly do live like there is no tomorrow and I grasp and hold onto each moment as they come.