Shimmery Glowing Summer Skin in a Jar

Hempz Coconut Fusion Shimmering Body Souffle

If someone says coconut – coconut water, milk, ice cream, anything – I say, “Yes please!” My skin felt the same way about this Herbal Body Soufflé from Hempz. Sometimes coconut scented products can smell like straight up sunscreen to me (anyone else?), but this body soufflé was more like a decadent Pina Colada. It smells so good, the first time I opened the lid I was instantly thirsty for something tropical and delicious.

Ultra Light, Ultra Shimmery

This is a super light feeling, ultra-whipped moisturizer. It’s packed with pure natural hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter and several different fruit extracts (lemon, mango and orange to name a few). It also has a crazy amount of mica. When they say “shimmering”, they really mean blinding, magnificent sparkle. You’ll feel like a star shining so bright!

Combat Dryness with Intense Hydration

In addition to the intense sparkle, it also offers intense hydration. My skin is pretty dry in general, and let’s be honest, whose skin isn’t dry living in Canada? But after a long day in the sun, it needs some special attention. This stuff did the trick, with the added bonus of smelling soo yummy.

You Glow Girl!

Post-shower, I apply a light layer to my arms and legs. It goes on so smooth and melts right into your skin. Let this stuff dry before getting dressed or you’ll find the flecks of mica on your clothes, too! I used this in the evening, and found that I still had some sparkle to show off the next day along with soft, moisturized, glowing skin.

Perfect Way to End A Beach Day

A little bit of this goes a long way, so make sure to share with your friends after a day at the beach! Available in Chatters Salons or online at