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Skip the Nail Salon and Give Yourself an At Home Manicure

Fall is on its way, and with the changes in leaves, we clear the bright colours in our home decor for those darker shades. Most people like to purge their bright summer nail fashions for the darker nail colours in much the same way.

Luxury Nails

I was recently introduced to a charming line called CND Vinylux. I have the impression that the lux at the end of the title interprets the product as luxurious and the vinyl would entail that the product stands out like a vinyl nail gel. (Win Win)

Colour Without Commitment

Don’t get me wrong, I love a day at the spa topped off with a beautiful coloured gel nail, but I am sometimes afraid of colour commitment. If you looked at my bins of overflowing nail polish, you would understand my love of colour and need for change.

Ergonomic Design

So, about this amazing product; the Vinylux is just that, the latest in luxury for the at home girl in need of some pampering without the cost of going in for a mani. The brush on the Vinylux is ergonomic and allows the coat to be applied in a much quicker manner than the previous brush. Not only do they have a larger brush with the fantastic shape to apply in a curve, this nail polish requires no base coat! We get to skip an entire step! When you apply the Vinylux top coat, after the colour has been applied you ensure that your colour won’t fade or chip as quickly. But even with the application of the topcoat, it took no time at all to finish my own mani. I used two coats of the “Married to the Mauve” and one coat of the topcoat. The topcoat actually becomes more durable when exposed to natural light. How innovative!

Less is more

So, if you want a change in colour from time to time, and a nail polish that is easier to apply with even less drying time, I would suggest trying this product. It’s giving my hands the gel-like polished look with the ease of changing colours, and it’s also free of Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor.

Speedy Nail and Chill Sesh

All in all, this mani took me 6 minutes to apply with about 8 and a half minutes drying. This 14 ½ minutes allowed me to look at the latest YouTube videos, just chill and relax.

Over 100 Shades

With over 100 colours to choose from you are bound to find a colour to match your mood, and if you are in desperate need of change but love the look of professional nails, try this brilliant Vinylux nail polish, you’ll be glad you did.