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Spooky Styles by Lydia Deetz

I, myself, am strange and unusual…and I LOVE Halloween. I love the skeletons, the bats, the Halloween movie classics – if you haven’t seen Interview with a Vampire, or Hocus Pocus, then I’m sorry but we can’t be friends – and one of my favorite things is getting to see all the costumes every year.
Even though this is my favorite “holiday” (um, why do we not get a day off for this??) it tends to sneak up on me and I’m often stuck throwing a last-minute costume together. But that also means I’ve gotten pretty good at improvising over the years!
Here’s a tip for you on that: Never, ever throw out any of those old costume pieces, those unused strips of fabric or craft glitter, that weird dress your Grandma gave you for your birthday 10 years ago. Keep it ALL no matter how many times your husband begs you to clean out that storage bin under the stairs. You never know what will save you on All Hallows Eve when you’ve spent all afternoon staring down your Pinterest board for ideas.
This year I had a friend dressing up as Beetlejuice and decided I would support his choice and graciously offered to be his Lydia (ok, I had everything to do it at home already and I knew it would be easy). Check out my edition of “Lydia Deetz”.

If you want your costume to rock, but you don’t want to spend all summer building it, just focus on the details! For Lydia’s face I made sure I blended my foundation into my lips so I would appear paler. I contoured with black costume makeup to capture her ashen cheeks and the bags under her eyes. I kept my makeup simple since her look isn’t very glamorous, so no false eyelashes here! Just some charcoal eyeshadow and a bit of mascara.

Alright so let’s talk about those bangs. I was rocking the short Bettie Page bangs for a couple years but have been growing them out since the spring, so there would be no scissors involved with this costume! I knew I had a couple options, so I tried out the “clip-on” bangs first.
My plan here was to spray them black…but as soon as I had them on I knew they weren’t going to work. Gave me a good laugh, though! NEXT!

You guys have seen celebrities do the false bangs before, right? Lookin’ at you, Rihanna!
Okay, so same basic idea here. I took a wide section from the crown of my head and backcombed it. I started at the roots and went about halfway down towards the ends. Then I folded that section in half over on top of my head, got the ends in position on my forehead, and started layin’ down bobby pins. If you don’t backcomb, those pins are not gonna have anything to hang on to.
Once my “bangs” were in place, I gave the entire section a good shot of strong hold hairspray.

This is just a simple black dress I had in my closet with some black tights underneath, paired with a Victorian style choker necklace. The hat is a witch’s hat. I pushed the pointed tip down into the hat to hide it. Draped over top is a piece of black spider-web patterned lace. And of course, you can’t forget the camera....

This costume was pretty simple to put together, but it turned out to be a good one! How much fun did you have with your costume this year? Tag us in your #stylehappy posts on Instagram: @chattershairsalons – we would love to see what you create!

Stay Style Happy, my friends!

Kayla Sieben, Chatters Beauty Pro