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Stylists reveal their latest color advice

Coloured hair is everywhere; I’m sure if you asked the lady sitting next to you if she had ever coloured her hair, you would probably get a “YES” as a response. With so many people colouring their hair we feel that it is essential to give you some advice from some of the Chatters experts. Colouring hair professionally is a step in the right direction, but just like eating healthy to care for our body and mind, we need to use shampoos and conditioners and other products that will allow these colours to last. My tips are: use colder water when washing your hair and as hard as it may be, wait for a day or two between washings; your hair will thank you (there is always the option of dry shampoo between washes). I caught up with some seasoned stylists for their insights.

Brenda Friesen from Calgary South Centre says:
I totally believe professional products help preserve the colour, but not only that, professional products help keep hair healthy. Redken Colour Extend Shampoo and Conditioner are my favourites; I feel they help keep the colour long lasting and help create hair that is soft and vibrant. Another useful product is thermal spray. The thermal spray helps because heat from styling tools fades hair fast. Unite 7 Seconds Glossing is a great product to help protect, but also brings out the shine.

Luba Mendrun from Cross Roads Winnipeg suggests:
My favourite colour preserving shampoos and conditioners are the Color Magnetics Color Extend from Redken!
The sulfate free shampoo allows the hair to stay hydrated while adding a striking shine! Purchasing the proper products will keep your keep your hair healthy which will keep your hair colour intact!

Jennifer Dartch from London Fanshawe location responds by saying:
I would say the biggest colour saving product I recommend to as many guests as possible is a colour tinted conditioner. Either the Revlon Colour Balls or the Chi Tone and Shine. These products are the perfect way to keep your colour fresh and shiny until you come back for your next visit.

Cia Hurlburt from Chatters St. Albert recommends:
I have many favorites, including Pureology Nano Works, and all products within the Pureology line since they are all colour safe.
Another product I recommend to my clients is the Sexy Hair Vibrant Color Lock Shampoo. It has anti-fade colour protection, and it is made with rose and almond oil. Add the conditioner for the ultimate hair protection for coloured hair. I love products that have amazing smells, especially scents that smell so delicious that I feel like I am satisfying a sweet tooth; another reason I am into these products at the moment. With colour-safe products, think gentle on hair products. Colour safe means safe from harsh chemicals, UV rays, and perfectly pH balanced to keep your colour locked in and happy longer.

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Colour safe, worry-free.
Colour safe, happy hair.
Colour safe, style safe.
Colour safe, hair protected.

by Rachel, Product Expert, Chatters headquarters