Summer foot care

Treat Yourself

Summers in Canada can become extremely busy and our weekends can be booked up before you know it! My summers consist of family reunions, weddings, ball tournaments, camping, golfing, hiking…. and gone! I feel like my summertime time is erased so quickly and there is little time left for some ‘me’ time.

Tired Feet

On that note, I decided that I would start a pampering regime, and the best part is that this can be done any day of the week. The first idea that came to mind was pedicures! My feet go through so much in the summer, in fact, I just finished this weekend off with some very dry and cracked feet. I wore cleats all weekend, so my feet were looking a little rough. Going from cleats to flip flips or a cute open toe sling-back is taking its toll on my feet. Rather than finding time to book an appointment for a pedicure, I decided to try some fantastic products from Chatters.

Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula

The first product I tried was the FOOTLOGIX Cracked Heel Formula; this formula is easy to use, and it’s not greasy. Just apply and go! Only three days after using this Cracked Heel Formula, I can see a remarkable difference!

Ahhh...Much Better

Now I can wear my cute flip flops to the beach without looking like a snake ready to shed my second skin. The best part of this pampering regiment is that I was able to include my daughter in my ‘me’ time. She is now able to see how important it is to take care of her feet, and of course how important mother-daughter bonding is.

Stinky Situation

After a weekend of ball, I had some gross smelling odor around the house. I have a husband who plays slo-pitch with me and friends who played and stayed at my home for the weekend. All these shoes and all these smells… I took to another product to help fight the stench off before I became too queasy in my own home.

Footlogix Shoe Deodorant Spray

 The FOOTLOGIX Deodorant Spray is a godsend to anyone having to live in a house of stinky feet. I sprayed all our ball shoes, and then I sprayed all my other shoes, and all my kid's shoes, and WOW, I can breathe again! This deodorant spray would make the best gift for anyone in sports; I have smelled those hockey bags, gym bags, you name it! Specially formulated with tea tree oil, this shoe deodorant spray is a must have for any family in sports, or any family that needs to smell fresh in the shoe department. This foot deodorant spray will not harm leather or canvas. The next time someone takes their shoes off, and you go ugh… Maybe just toss them a can of FOOTLOGIX Deodorant Spray.

Silkline Wet/Dry Foot Paddle

Last, but not least, when trying to rid your feet of those callouses, and cracked heals, try using the SILKLINE Wet/Dry Foot Paddle. This paddle helps to get rid of those pesky calluses to help maintain beautiful summertime feet. This foot paddle is very durable, so it will last for a long time even when using it in water. The coarse side can be used in your foot bath, and once your feet are nice and dry, you can smooth off the rest of the skin with the finer side of the paddle. Easy to use and best of all, you have that summer look for your feet.

Give the Gift of Me Time

Try packing these items together to create the best summertime pampering gift. Your friends will thank you for their luscious-looking feet. Take time to pamper yourself. -Rachel Snethun, Chatters Product Expert