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Summer Hair Tips

Summer is still alive and well and we all know that sometimes it can take a toll on our hair! Check out these tips for some ways to really nourish and protect your hair from the damaging effects of the hot summer months!

Avoid Heat Styling Tools
The sun’s heat tends to bake your hair almost as much as your favourite iron does. Try taking a break from your heat styling tools and embrace your natural hair to prevent any further heat damage. If you’re concerned about taming your mane you can always load up on styling cream or mousse.

Use Heat Protectant
Like we said before, the sun’s heat can be as damaging as any of your styling tools. That’s why it’s important to use heat protectant while in the sun the same way you would use it while styling your hair with a hot iron. It’s always a smart idea to pack a travel sized heat protectant in your purse to reapply at the beach or a pool party!

Wear a Hat
What better way to protect your hair from the sun’s harmful rays than to flaunt that cute floppy hat you’ve been looking for an excuse to wear? Hats are a great, effortless way to completely protect your hair while still looking cute and stylish. Not to mention they also protect your face from the sun as well.

Use Hair Oil
Between the pool, the sun, and the salty ocean, your hair is constantly being stripped of its natural moisture. To make up for that fact in the summer months, it’s good to religiously apply hair oil to hydrate your hair, both before and after you’re in the sun. This is also a great way to preserve and protect your hair colour from fading in the sun.

Invest in a Good Hair Mask
After a long day at the pool it’s important to combat the negative effects the chlorine has on your hair. Using a nourishing hair mask at home will offer your hair some much needed TLC and protection for your next summer adventure!