The Kerachroma Color Effect

What's Kerachroma?

Prevent your colour from washing down the drain by refreshing it right at home!  No need to have "flat" color in between salon visits. Why not try depositing pigment to maintain vibrance or try a new hue that could last up to 10-15 washes?  This non-lather conditioning cleanser infuses colour with every wash. It’s a 3 in 1 as it Cleanses / Conditions & Colours in one step. Not to mention it’s Sulfate + Paraben + Cruelty Free!

So Many Options

Take control of your colour! For maximum intensity use multiple applications and/or apply on dry hair. Comb through for complete saturation. Another option is to try as a pastel hue by diluting with conditioner. So many fun colours to mix and create your own custom shade! You’ll see the most intense results on prelightened hair.

The Results

I refreshed my clients "browned out" red by applying Kerachroma Red to her dry hair for 20 mins. Rinsed, reapplied for 2 minutes and rinsed again. Voila! The reality is that RED FADES! Kerachroma infuses intense shine and conditioning so be ready for a vibrant red. It also helps to close your hair cuticle so it locks in your colour.

Colour That's Good For Your Hair

Test stranding is always your best bet to see what you get before applying. Clenditioner contains Keratin, which improves the integrity of your hair with every wash. So go ahead and don't feel bad about "washing" your hair!

Happy Colouring

You can find all of the amazing shades Kerachroma has to offer in salons or online here! -Angie Hunt