The Best Gifts for Your Besties

We all love our besties. They’re there for us through it all. They listen to all of our little dramas and give the best life advice. There’s no way to ever repay our BFF’s for all that they do for us but we do have a few ideas for how to make them feel extra special this holiday season! For all the inspo on what tool to buy for which friend, we chatted with our very own expert stylists, Angie Hunt from Winnipeg, and Ashli McGregor from Surrey. Here’s the scoop.

Trendy Traveller

This friend is on trend. They love travelling and exploring new cultures and experiences. You can usually find this chick at a hip local coffee joint or halfway around the globe discovering new cultures. She has a serious case of wanderlust-and you love her for it!

Looking for: The Latest and Greatest

Angie’s Advice: This girl would love the dual voltage from CHI G2 Flat Iron. This is the next generation as it is both Ceramic & Titanium, the best of both worlds. CHI’s upgrades in technology would impress any beauty or travel blogger.


Ashli’s Advice: For this friend I would recommend the CHI Escape Styling Iron. This is the perfect size and multi functioning tool for the on the go traveler or just a quick touch up. If I’m trying to pack light, I always want to be efficient but look my best whether its curls or straight this tool can do both!

Boho Babe

From beachy waves to effortless braids, this girl brings the boho. This is your artsy friend that loves to take funky fashion risks but is always true to her personal style. She’s a natural beauty babe that needs something low maintenance for all of the cool music festivals she has coming up this spring.

Looking for: A Natural Look

Angie’s Advice: A Boho Babe would really fancy the laid back beachy waves easily created by Hot Tools Deep Waver. It manages to form really pretty, natural looking curls that are anything but over the top.

Ashli’s Advice: For the lower maintenance and more of a natural beauty babe the GHD Classic Curve Wave Wand is quick and easy. How to: take small sections; alternating back and fourth, wrap it around the wand hold for 10-15 seconds and spray with hairspray. Hot Tip: after curling, use a wide tooth comb or your fingers and brush downwards throughout for that sexy beachy look.

Girl on the Go

This is your friend whose to-do list is always full. She’s making moves and taking names and you have no idea how she does it all in 24 hours. She takes forever to text back because of how busy she is but you love her anyways because she goes the extra mile where it really counts. She’s constantly juggling her responsibilities with her social life and her downtime and needs a routine that’ll get her out the door quicker.

Looking for: Quick and Effortless

Angie’s Advice: This Multi Tasker would do well with the Babyliss PRO Electric 12 Roller Hairsetter. The trick is to heat the hair & let it cool completely. Pop in this hot number and get that list done. Whether it is doing your makeup or feeding the kids. As a busy Mom, I have even stuck my head outside to get them to cool down as well as drove around town to get that fabulous look in a flash. Volume for days!

Ashli’s Advice: Something I would recommend for someone that’s looking for something that’ll help with quick styling would be the Avanti Helix Curling Wand. Simply wrap 1-2 inch sections of hair around the wavy wand for really fast and effortless looking waves. She’ll leave the house with voluminous undone curls in minutes!

Glam Goddess

This friend personifies ‘I woke up like this’. She loves an excuse to play dress up and seems like she has a professional glam squad with her 24/7. They take their glam seriously, and are willing to put in the time to style now so they can slay later.

Looking for: Full Glam

Angie’s Advice: This chick will fall in love with the Avanti Chopstick Curling Wand. This New tool is trending for tight corkscrew hair. Everyone will stop and stare, wondering if that was her natural locks all along.

Ashli’s Advice: The Kenneth Bernard Vibe Flat Iron is my absolute go to! It has floating plates for flexible movement whether I want curls or that pin straight hair it accommodates all your needs. How to: To curl with a flat iron think of it as a Christmas ribbon. Start at the top and turn it in the direction you want it to start to spiral. Keeping the plates closed. Like scissors and your finger on the ribbon. Voila quick sleek curls in a flash! Perfect for the holiday season!

Curl Queen

We all have that friend, the one with the naturally curly hair that everyone in your squad envies. She loves to embrace that natural wave and always manages to make her wild tresses look fab. For this curly-haired queen, embracing the mane while taming the frizz is a necessity.

Looking for: Curl Friendly Products

Angie’s Advice: Any Curl Queen will fall in love with the DevaCurl Blow Dryer as it is made for curly girls. Its innovative diffuser is shaped like a hand, giving you 360 degrees of airflow. Increasing root volume, decreasing drying time and embracing each curl.

Ashli’s Advice: For a true curl queen I would recommend the Hot Tools Curl Bar! It’s the latest and most innovative tool to nail that perfect curl. It’s ergonomically angled in the shape of a 7 to really help ease the styling process. Their curls will stay looking fresh all day with this cool wand!

Sporty Minimalist

This girl doesn’t get dolled up on a day-to-day basis but you better believe she cleans up pretty good on a Saturday night. You can usually find her at the gym getting her sweat on. She isn’t super beauty savvy and needs something that’s extremely user friendly and easy.

Looking for: Easy and Foolproof

Angie’s Advice: This friend would benefit from a GHD Professional Air Dryer. It guarantees faster blow outs and reduced frizz. Very user friendly whether right or left handed. She will be perfectly pampered, even at the gym.

Ashli’s Advice: A tool that I find really easy to use is the Babyliss Pro Miracurl. This tool takes all the work out of curling and does it for you! Hair goes in, curl comes out, it’s that easy. It takes a bit of getting used to but after the first couple tries you’ll see how easy it is to create the perfect curl. You can even change the settings so that it will alternate the direction of your curls.

You can shop all of these wicked gift ideas in salons or online here.