Unite is Online, Here’s Why You Should Care

We are so excited to announce that the entire Unite haircare line is finally available online and you'll get to experience the luxury of having your Unite faves delivered right to your door (hold the applause)!!! Our stylists have been using their products for a while and have really gotten to know them on another level. We all know that everyone's hair is different and everyone has totally different needs when it comes to their products. To help you guys find your perfect Unite product we asked 4 Chatters stylists what their personal faves are from the line and why they love them for their clients (and themselves)!

Cia, 7 Seconds Detangler

There is so much to love about this product - it does so much for your hair. In the salon we love it as stylists and as clients. Our customers are head over heels for this leave-in-conditioner. It has UV and thermal protection, is paraben free and full of hydrating frizz free goodness. Once you spray it in your hair, it's instant lightweight yet mass hydration fills your strands. I love how this product makes it easy to comb through, feels ultra soft and keeps your hair manageable, and ready to style. We can barely keep it on the shelves, and really, what more can you ask for in a product?

Angie, Boosta Spray

This is a body builder that provides weightless texture. it's perfect for fine hair for a soft, airy hold and lasting body. Spray onto damp hair root to ends. Boosta is amazing product to blend with other Unite products. I like it with Blow & Set lotion and 7 seconds glossing for a polished look. 

Nadia, GO365 Hairspray

Unite Go365 is everything you've ever needed in one can! From a light every day hold to a strong special occasion spray, Go365 can be adjusted on the nozzle to give you all the support you need in a single product. The best part? Even on the strongest hold setting, this hairspray feels virtually undetectable and has no crunchiness or stickiness at all.

Kendra, Laser Straight Relaxing Fluid

Laser Straight Relaxing Fluid is my go-to for the curly haired beauties that sit in my chair and want to rock a different style that isn’t their natural texture. The relaxing fluid is easy to emulsify throughout the hair and doesn’t weigh down any potential volume, no matter the density or texture of hair. It is a perfect way to set up your blowout for success!

If you're a fan of Unite or are looking to try these products head on over to your local Chatters or shop them online here.