What Is Style Happy?

Here at Chatters we want to think of ourselves as more than just a beauty salon. We want to help each and every one of you achieve your best self! We want to empower all of you with our knowledge and resources to take charge of your Style Happy!

What is Style Happy?
Style Happy is how we want to make you feel! It’s the pep in your step and the smile on your face when you leave the salon with a fresh cut or a product you love. Style Happy is about more than just looking good, it’s about feeling good and doing good, because we all know, when you look good, you feel good.

Style Happy is contagious; we pass it on to the people around us. Being Style Happy we inspire others to be their best. It’s looking in the mirror, and seeing a reflection of our truest self and loving what we see.

Style Happy is an attitude, a mental state, a way of self expression. We at Chatters want to encourage this self expression and empower all of you to proudly, and confidently be yourselves!

Watch this and you’ll see what we really mean!