Helping the environment – a personal perspective

We already are involved with protecting the environment because of our Green Circle partnership, and we wanted to get an idea what it would be like to take this concept further and apply it on a personal level - at home. We invited Rocelyn from our Chatters Southland Mall location in Regina to take what she learned about the environment and recycling and take this home for a three day personal challenge.

It was harder than I thought, even though we are pretty environmentally friendly at our much as we can be with a baby. Diapers are definitely not friendly, but we do what we have to do. We have a compost in our backyard and I make a conscious effort to compost what I can. This being said - coffee grounds, food scraps, fruits and veggies get put into the compost. I found myself googling what I could and couldn’t compost to see if I could make less trash. Fun fact. Yogurt shouldn’t go in the compost sadly. We had some expired yogurt cups in the fridge, so instead of just tossing the cups I opened them up threw out the yogurt then rinsed the cups to be put in the recycle. I found myself looking more in to detail on what could also be recycled and what had to be thrown out. On Saturday we had a late start so it was off to Starbucks for coffee and breakfast before our day started. I brought a thermos for my coffee and brought containers for breakfast. I thought it would be weird to ask them to put the food we got into containers for us, but the employees of Starbucks were more than happy to!! This was an amazing win I thought. It’s something I think I will do more often when getting take out item. It may be a little inconvenient for them to pack it into a container, but it saves waste! I also took home my garbage from work, and food scraps to put in my compost rather than just throwing them into a garbage for again convenience. I could see myself doing this more often, especially with items that can and should be composted!

The first two days were quite easy for us, but Sunday became a challenge. I found more trash was made when we got groceries, and bags from food or bread couldn’t be recycled. We use cloth bags for our vegetables and fruits that we just wash when we are done with them to get them ready for the next grocery store run. I’ve even convinced my mom to start using them! Another way I find is good to help the environment is to shop consignment! And there was actually a consignment sale this weekend. I love getting used clothes and toys for my daughter to lessen the foot print of these items just being thrown away! And they are often is great condition!

I only wore makeup one out of the three days because I realized how much waste I produce with just doing makeup and taking it off. I use a lot of Q-tips when applying makeup and remover wipes for the end of the day. That adds up every day!

We only made two small bags of garbage over these three days. One bag was from diapers and the other bag was the rest of the house. We ended up having a lot more recycle for the bin that usual, which was amazing! This has been such a great learning experience, and I'm glad we took every day recycling to the next level.