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Whitney Elgie- Chatters Windermere Edmonton

Whitney Elgie- Chatters Windermere, Edmonton

What salon do you work and what is your role? How long have you been there? I’m currently a Stylist at Chatters Windermere in Edmonton. I have been at this location for almost 4 years. Although I have been with Chatters for 11 altogether. Originally I was working in BC at another location.

How did you learn about Chatters? Back in 2007 I was looking for work, I moved to Kamloops and saw a Chatters across the street. I went to drop my resume off. They were looking for a new stylist as their current one had just left on maternity leave. I got hired on the spot and have been with the company ever since.

How did you choose your entry for the Dare to Hair competition?  My boss was actually the one who encouraged me to participate. She said she had the perfect model. I really wanted to create a modern day Marilyn Monroe look so I asked if she was willing to let me do something short and drastic. I knew she had virgin hair so I bleached it in order to give her that super blonde Marilyn look.

Would you recommend others to enter the competition and why? Yes, I would recommend the competition to other stylist because it's such a fun and exciting experience. Also there’s not a lot of opportunities in Canada to do hair competitions, so it's great to take advantage and get your name out there.

When/how did you know you wanted to become a stylist?  I was first interested when I was 10 and my mom let me color my hair. When I was grade 10 I did my training through the CAT program. It was challenging at first, but I would always do cut and colors on my friend’s hair.

Why do you love working at Chatters? Chatters made me love being a stylist. I get to make my clients feel good about themselves every day. I also love going to the stylist connection every year. I’ve been going since the first one in 2008. It's a great opportunity to learn new techniques and we always have so much fun.

If you could give your younger self any advice what would you say? It would be work smarter not harder. I used to do the opposite and I would spend so much time creating a look. Now I’ve learned new techniques that allow me to achieve the same look in less time.

Favorite couple of products? Everything from Redken, I do have a new favourite, the Unite Blonde Shampoo it’s liquid gold for blondes. Since I do mostly men’s cuts in my chair, I love The Hair Stick for Cool People by TIGI and Redken Maneuver.

Favorite style trend? For men’s cuts I would say pompadour and women the hybrid of balayage and ombre. I’ve been loving the reds, dark browns and caramels. We been doing ombres forever, so it's cool to switch it up.

One of the best things about your job? The best thing is to make someone else feel better about themselves so they have a better good vibes kind of day.