Beauty Pros

Whitney Skjeie-Walcott- Chatters Signal Hill, Calgary


What is your role?
I am the Assistant Manager at Chatters Signal Hill in Calgary.

How did you get into the beauty industry?
Originally I was in construction, but it wasn’t for me. I knew a girl who was working part time at Chatters and she said I should just try it. Luckily, I did, and I loved it. Construction was so intense and this new job at Chatters was more about socializing and caring about people. I didn’t expect to have the people skills required for this job, as my previous job didn’t require me to meet with customers. I love meeting new people at work every day!

What is one of your favorite things about the job?
Definitely my co-workers. They are a great group of people and they are awesome.

What is your favorite thing to do on an off day?
I really like to relax. I walk my dog lots, read, and love to take naps.

Describe one of the best days at work you experienced…
A few weeks ago, a customer came in who was not happy with her previous experience with us. We gave her a great experience and she actually wrote us a great review and even emailed our CEO. It is sometimes difficult to earn customers’ loyalty but when you do, it is such a great feeling.

Tell us about some of your favorite products.
AG Firewall and OSIS Refresh Dust Dry Shampoo. Love them!

How can you tell that Chatters cares about their employees?
I can tell mostly by the communication. If I have an issue, my manager is on it. Is she can’t take care of it, our DM is willing to help. Everyone is open and up front. They tell you what they can do for you and help get things resolved. You can tell they want to retain good employees!

Do you have a bucket list for your career?
I would really like to move up to be a retail manager and run my own store one day. Eventually, maybe even become a District Manager. They have a well-rounded positions that seems attractive to me!

What would you tell your younger self?
If at first something doesn’t work out, there is likely a reason for it. Keep working hard and you’ll find the right path.

What is your fave style trend?
Balayage for sure! It looks so natural and you can do so many interesting things with it.

What advice would you give someone who is just joining the beauty industry?
It’s not all superficial. Chatters has a very nice working environment and the beauty industry is so nice and welcoming.

What is your fav hair era?
Oh – definitely the 80’s rock band hair. Their hair is so much fun and wild, and everyone could do whatever they wanted with their hair.

Do you have a personal philosophy?
Just keep trying. Not everything works out the first time so just keep trying. Something will eventually work out.

How do you connect in store with customers?
I typically find out what they are needing. I don’t like to sell them something that they are not going to use – that just becomes a waste. I like to find out what works for them and that sometimes means I have a lot of questions for them about their routines and what would make their life easier.