Your Hempz Beach Essentials

Hempz Beach Products

We hope all of you are having an amazing summer so far! However, we have something available at Chatters that may make your summer even better! For anyone that loves the beach, Hempz products are essential for all your summer needs!

With all the swimming and sun exposure happening in the warmer months, making sure your skin stays hydrated and moisturized is a must! Load up on some of Hempz famous moisturizers to make sure your skin is silky smooth all summer long. These moisturizers offer dramatic nourishment and firming benefits in order to improve the overall health and condition of the skin. They offer a wide variety of some amazing scents like vanilla plum and pomegranate that are all available in stores or online here.

We all know one of the best parts of summer is getting your tan on! Sometimes we need a little help really getting that deep summer glow we all dream about and Hempz has the perfect products to help with that. They offer some amazing tan maximizers and accelerators that not only provide you with an intense tan, but also nourish the skin in the process. These products are available in stores or online here.

Even though everyone dreams of baking in the sun all day to achieve that bronzed glow, the suns rays can be quite harmful to our skin. A really good alternative to laying out all day is using sunless tanning bronzers! Hempz offers sunless tanning products that provide an even, overall, subtle summer glow in seconds. The products absorb into the skin quickly to prevent any staining of clothes or furniture. The products come as lotions or sprays and are available in stores or online here.

Before you start applying all of your sunless tanning products, or even just to refresh your skin, make sure to invest in a really good exfoliator! Exfoliating makes for a smooth base for any bronzers and also gets rid of any lingering dead skin cells, making your skin extremely smooth! Hempz has some amazing body scrubs and exfoliators that gently cleanse and polish the skin, leaving it ultra soft and radiant. Hempz scrubs and exfoliators can be found in stores and online here.

After Sun
If you’ve spent a little too much time in the sun, or even if you just want to ensure a long lasting tan, Hempz has an outstanding After Sun Cooling Spray & Body Hydrator. It’s formulated with aloe vera and their signature Superfruit Hydro-Sun Complex in order to really help restore moisture to sun damaged skin. It is lightweight, easily absorbed, and extremely soothing to the skin to cure any after sun skin stress.

Not only does Hempz have all your summer skincare needs covered, they also offer some amazing hair products that are great for the beach as well! They offer some really nourishing shampoos and conditioners that help to restore your hair’s moisture after long days in the drying sun. They also have a great sea spray that is sure to help you achieve that effortless beachy texture. Hempz hair products can also be found in store or online here.